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The City Harmonic
Sonshine Festival 2013

Photography by Maria Mickelson

Remedy Drive
Lifelight Festival 2012

Photography by Maria Mickelson

Collection of random Sonshine Festival pictures.

Photography by Maria Mickelson

For more pictures from the fest, check out the facebook album: 

Sonshine Festival
Check em out! 

Photography by Maria Mickelson 

mychildren mybride
Sonshine Festival 2012

Photography by Maria Mickelson 


Switchfoot by mariamickelson on Flickr.

Somebody blogged my picture. I feel accomplished. :)

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Who’s excited for Sonshine Festival?
I AM!!
And you should be too! 


yep, still worth it.

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Northern Spark is a free, dusk-to-dawn, participatory arts festival that presents visual arts, performance, films, and interactive media indoors and outdoors in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Last year, in the course of one night, they say there were 50,000 visits to 100 projects by more than 200 artists at 34 venues in collaboration with 60 partner organizations and sponsors. That’s jaw-dropping! 

"Never" by Hyland

I will never get over how beautiful this song is.
Nothing beats hearing it live.
Brings tears to my eyes every time. 

Jeremy Gray

Lifelight Festival 2011 

A video of all my pictures and footage from Lifelight Festival 2011.
Check it out!

Bands include: These Hearts, Levi the Poet, Hyland, Hawk Nelson, Children 18:3, Relient K, White Collar Sideshow, Swimming With Dolphins, The Suit, Silverline, Icon For Hire, Write This Down, Spoken, The Wedding, Eric Samuel Timm, Blindside, Abandon Kansas, Philmont, Ivoryline, VOTA, John Reuben, House of Heroes, and Disciple.

Anberlin"Dismantle.Repair." at Sonshine 2011 (by mariamickelson)

I got to be sidestage for Anberlin at Sonshine Festival this year. I was absolutely ecstatic when they played Dismantle.Repair. because it’s my favorite track off my favorite album by them. :)

I hope to see them again sometime soon. 

P.S. Make sure to watch this in HD with 1080p!